What people say

I just wanted to drop you a quick line to recommend our Real PE coach, Liam Nicell. Liam is such an asset to our teaching team and now has availability for next term to teach in other schools in the area. At Greatworth, he currently teaches Real PE to Reception – Year 6 on Monday mornings. The children have made brilliant progress and their positive attitudes have been noticeable and transferred into every aspect of school life. 


Liam is a profession in every sense of the word and a ‘real’ safe pair of hands. The children respond to him really well; he has created displays and lunchtime systems outside of his teaching commitment which has helped to put PE at the heart of our curriculum. He is not only a football and sports coach, but also has trained many teachers REAL PE over the last 10 years mainly working in Northampton. 


He focusses on the fundamental skills which are needed for mastery. Liam’s behaviour management and positivity is so impressive that children, who would not consider themselves ‘sporty’ are able to identify their progress and feel 100% that they are recognised for their sporting attitude. They are inspired! Those children who excel in PE are challenged and Liam’s style develops their resilience alongside their peers. 


Liam and his team are available for PE teaching and holiday clubs. I cannot recommend him enough!


—  Lesley Lutas-Brown - Headteacher at Greatworth School